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Elevate Your Space With Premier Electrical Solutions in San Antonio

Welcome to Alamo Lighting & Electric, Inc., the premier electrical services provider in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. As a family-owned and Latino-owned business, we have been illuminating spaces since our establishment in 2006.

Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

P.O. Box 12157 1-800-803-9202 512-463-6599  – TECL# 23548

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence in Electrical Services

Our legacy is woven with a commitment to craftsmanship and a comprehensive range of commercial and residential electrical solutions that have set industry standards.

Find Experts in Lighting and Electrical Solutions

Transform your environment with our tailored lighting and electrical services. From efficient LED retrofits to cutting-edge EV charging stations, let’s create a brighter and more sustainable future together.

Pioneering Role in EV Charging Station Installations

At Alamo Lighting & Electric, Inc., we proudly stand as pioneers in the installation of EV charging stations, a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainable practices. Our Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) certification exemplifies our commitment to showcasing expertise and proficiency.

Alamo Lighting
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